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Online Hypnobirthing: Moving past a difficult birth

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Online Hypnobirthing to overcome trauma


Are you a second, (third or fourth etc) time mum who had a pretty rough experience last time? Do you want a positive birth experience this time round?


If that is you I have developed a special online hypnobirthing course just for you. In this course we cover all of the same content that is in my standard hypnobirthing course but I’ve added in some extras to help you overcome the trauma you have experienced.


The course is run online using zoom and the members area of my website. Each week I will teach a 60 minute lesson in the comfort of your home via zoom. You will then be directed to videos and downloadable resources in the members area of my website to further your learning. Throughout the week you can talk to me via whatsapp and email for support.

Contact me to book in sessions at a time that suits you and your birth partner.

Also included in your course fee is a free consultation for psychological therapy where, if you feel you are really struggling to cope with your feelings about your past birth we can work out a plan to get you feeling positive. I offer specialist psychological therapy online that is proven to help you process and move on from a traumatic birth. If you decide to do online therapy with me you will receive a 10% discount off all therapy sessions.

Online Private Course £450


Access to members’ site

4 x 60 min zoom calls with me

Consultation for therapy and psychological advice given throughout the course.

Contact me to book your private course.


What’s included?

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The complete hypnobirthing course

How the body works in labour and the impact of fear on the birthing body:

• The hormones of labour

• Birth environment, why it matters and how to make any birth place perfect.

• Introducing hypnosis, the super power you didn’t know you had

• Fighting the fear of birth – tools to relax the body and soothe the mind

• Breathing for birth – three powerful breathing techniques that help your body do its job

• Using Pinterest, affirmations and language to get positive about birth

• Birth partner 101 – learn how to support your partner effectively during birth

• Talking to health professionals – learn how to get the information you need to stay in control of YOUR birth

• Special circumstances – learn how to be cool, calm and positive about your birth WHATEVER happens.

Mindfulness note


Evidence based elements of third wave Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, including compassion and mindfulness therapies as well as Calm Birth Method hypnobirthing. I bring my professional and personal experience of the way the brain and body works to help you have the calm, beautiful birth you deserve. In order to help you overcome your previous trauma I include lessons on the following special subjects:

1. Understanding your trauma and your brain

2. Identifying the fears you need to release

3. Letting go of past pain

4. Preparing a “grounding” kit for your birth

5. Using mindfulness and meditation to fight fear

Also included in your course fee is a free consultation for psychological therapy where, if you feel you are really struggling to cope with your feelings about your past birth we can work out a plan to get you feeling positive.

Pregnant woman with hands in heart shape

Complete Support

• The Calm Birth Method book by the inspiring Suzy Ashworth

• The Calm Birth School relaxation MP3s.

• Membership of my online Facebook community for ongoing support and resources from myself and other mums and mums to be.

• Access to the members only section of my website where I will share all my resources, including videos, PDF documents and audio files with you. Many people find this is like having me in their living room, ready to remind them of any of the techniques we have covered that they have forgotten or need to revisit.

• 10% discount on therapy to help you process your previous birth.

I can also use my professional background and contacts to ensure you are supported through pregnancy birth and beyond. See my therapy pages for more information about the other support I can provide. I will also use my experience to help you to find other professional support if you need something I don’t provide myself.


Can birth REALLY be positive?

It can be very hard to believe that birth can be positive when you have had a difficult experience. Click here to hear directly from couples I have helped couples have positive second births, even in very difficult circumstances.


“Rosie was very professional and knowledgeable. Lots of very useful techniques and sessions were tailored to my requirements (i.e. number of sessions) ensuring I got maximum benefit from the sessions. It was a very easy environment to open up in.”

Psychological Therapy Client, March 2018

"Hypnobirthing was a massive eye opener for me (birth partner). I would definitely recommend!!! "

Matt (& Nicole), Plymouth

"Hypnobirthing has given me the tools and mindset to look forward to the day our baby arrives and has pushed all fear away. Thank you!"

Hannah & Bryn, Plymouth

"I am endlessly grateful for the assistance Rosie has given us over the past few months and cannot recommend her course highly enough"

Tash and Marc, Singapore

"People keep saying to me that my birth must have been awful and how sorry they are that it was "so traumatic" as there were some serious medical complications. But I don't see it that way at all. I was so thrilled to have a vaginal delivery and I felt much more in control this time. I definitely wasn't one of those calm, quiet, serene women from the positive birth videos but I feel so positive about Bertie's birth, I feel as though it banished the demons left over from my previous birth."

Jenna, Plymouth